Acea Corporate

Acea is one of the most important national energy provided in Italy.
Back in Milano I take part with my agencies to the contest for the redesign
of the corporate website. Unfortunately we didn't win, but the outcome was still appreciated.


The style overall

Since Acea made a big rebranding few years ago, I had to explore the guidelines given by the brand to develop something new. As a energy provider, Acea has within its services 4 different main fields. To each one of these I associeted a brilliant gradient to make it stand out.


The homepage

With my colleagues we decided that a good idea might have been the one of treating the whole website as a digital high-end magazine. 

Services page

This layout shows how on the same page there are editorial, corporate and customer orientd contents.
In this specific page is possible to see all the usages of the counter of the A of Acea, that defines and creates branded element through the navigation. 


Editorial content page

In this page the editorial, digital and corporate worlds, join altogether. Mostly from this page, is evident how the core of the this intent was to bring into life a sort of coroporate magazine, that could've catch the eye of both
the consumers and the stockholders.

Selected Works

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