Square Dranken

This is one of the B&S project that I had to work for. It was part of a series
of e-commerces that needed a new look for their brand, but that in the visual design process, were all following the same UX template.
For this project the poropous was creating a new concept for the digital
visual identity, then I was asked to redesign al the logo.


The style overall

After a brand intake with the client, I had a clear idea on how to approach this project visuals.
The design lines were not defined, but after a proper studying of the brand and the trends, the client was fullfilled and happy with the result.

Logo design proposition

Once I presented the first concepts for the new direction I wanted to bring the brand, the client asked to take care of the logo
as well.
In this showcase some proposals, with the last one that was the winning one.


The homepage

The dominant blue and the surrounding yellow,
reflect the main mood of the client: efficient, but still welcoming and friendly.

Product detail page

All the styles converge into
the dynamic of the product detail page.


Checkout phase

A layout that shows one the phases during
the checkout process.

Selected Works

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