A contest done in Italy for a national tuna brand.
I was asked to reposition the design into the current digital UI trends always considering the target of the customers. So giving it a sparkle,
while keep on being related to the brand without going too far. 


The style overall

Nostromo has to engage its customer by the look.
In the brief received, one of the main point to highlight were the recepies. Top view pictures and italian recepeis made it easy.


The homepage

Nostromo needed to talk about food, in this case tuna cans, in a different way. I've been asked to present tuna and talk about it in a younger and less serious way. 

Product detail page

Working for this proposition has been challenging but also quite fun. It was possible to give different touches to the same story.


Blog  - Consigli in scatola

Under the design point of view, it was nice to create small colorful tiles for the recipes.

Selected Works

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