SDA Bocconi

This was a project for the MBA master in economy located
in the Bocconi university in Milano.
The goal was to freshen up the digital design keeping in mind 
the target.


The style overall

The client provided some graphic elements which had
a specific tone of voice. The style present was valid but
sligthly outdated, so the process consisted in explore
what was present and bring it to new life.


Digital layout presentation


The homepage and the courses

As most of the first landing pages for this sort
of portals, the challenge was trying to keep as simple as possible the page, while filling it with a big amount of content. The balace in the end was given by the use
typography and colors.

Programs average page

All the pages related to the programs present in the upper part of the design artworks done with the digital papercraft tecnique.


Programs page details

Getting into the details of the program pages, there was the necessity of creating some "cards" to differ the multiple kind of classes and programs.

Selected Works

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