This is the most important wholesaler in the Netherlands.
The company won the contest to redesign the entire portal, I took part
of the brand intake, concept phase, final concept design and visual design creation and documentation.


The style overall

The offline presence of Sligro is splitted in two: on one hand we have the commercial look and feel and in the other the inspirational one, driven by the ZiN world. 
The two worlds are contrasting a lot with each other,
but the tone of voice of the digital presence had to inglobe both aspects, bringing the commercial one into a modern interface which could've appear secure and clear.


To approach this big portals it was necessary to create a big and detailed styleguide, in order to allow whoever will receive an handover on the project, to be able to follow the same design line given at the beginning.


Product detail page

Usually the spirit of conversion guides the UX of this pages and this for a designer is a challenge.
A lot of content had to be placed in here. Finding the right balance within it was necessary.

Product list page

This page resulted to be the most complex to resolve in terms of design, because the product lines of this page present a big challenge in terms of functionalities.
The counting of the pixels was necessary to acheive the final result.


Cart page

A lot of information in a small available space. Colors, UI elements, and typography create the hierarchy in this page filled with content.

Login page

A very simple and photographic page to bring the customer into the Sligro world.


Content landing page

This is one of the most editorial layouts I designed, Far from the other pages in terms of contents, still strongly related to the styleguide in terms of UI.

Selected Works

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